Speed up your hiring with one-way video interviews


Haloed Business offers a free platform to attract and find the best young talent and screen candidates with pre-recorded video interviews to replace screening interviews and speed up recruiting.

Build faster the team you want

Showcase your company culture and values to attract the right candidates and evaluate their fit to your team before spending time for one-to-one interviews.

Post job or internship opportunities for free

Post traditional text-based jobs or record a video job to attract the best talent.

Relevant jobs are recommended for job seekers based on their job seeker profile.

Screen candidates at scale with pre-recorded video interviews

Replace time-consuming CV screening and phone screening interviews with short one-way video interviews and evaluate your candidates faster.

Candidates apply for your job by recording responses to your customized interview questions.

Optionally, invite your top candidates who applied via other recruiting channels to complete their video interviews in Haloed.

Connect with candidates via private messages

Direct message the shortlisted candidates to take them forward in your recruiting process.

Manage and keep track of the candidates in one place.

Why to consider automated video interviews?

Receive more relevant candidates and less “spam applications”

Review candidates’ personality for culture fit already in the screening phase

Give more equal chances to candidates with similar backgrounds and little work experience, like students and fresh grads, to stand out

Offer candidates flexibility to record their answers to your customised questions when it’s convenient for them

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