Haloed Community Guidelines

Effective date: 27/10/2020


Haloed is a service where all our members should feel respected and safe to connect with each other, share videos and express themselves as professionals. To ensure this kind of environment, we have provided these Community Guidelines to help you protect our community.

By using Haloed, you agree to these guidelines, our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We protect our members and take necessary actions against any illegal or prohibited activity on our services that may include removing content or posts, blocking access to our Services or disabling accounts. If you face any illegal or inappropriate activity in our services that you think is against our policies, please report it to us via the Haloed app.

Thanks for being a part of the Haloed community!

1.   Upload only videos and content appropriate for a diverse professional network

All the content you share and post in the Haloed service should be appropriate and relevant for a professional network. If you think that your content is not, please don’t share it here as there are other services for non-professional content.

We don’t allow the following behaviour or content to be uploaded to the Haloed service:

Insulting or hateful content or hate speech

  • Haloed doesn’t tolerate any content that includes or promotes violence, humiliation, insults or hate speech against individuals or groups based on ethnic origin, race, religion, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or any physical, mental, or medical condition.

Violent threats or harmful or violent content

  • We don’t allow any violent threats against any individuals or groups or animals, or any content encouraging others to commit violent acts.
  • We also don’t allow any content in our services showing or promoting violent or harmful acts or material that is meant to shock or sicken people, including videos showing disasters, war, terrorist attacks, accidents, injuries or other incidents or material that may shock others.
  • We don’t allow any content showing or encouraging others to commit dangerous, illegal or otherwise harmful acts, for example, acts that may physically injure, hurt or endanger any person, or content showing or promoting illegal activities such as the use of drugs or commitment of crimes.

Harassment or bullying

  • We don’t allow hurtful, maliciously insulting, shaming or humiliating content of other individuals or content threatening or intimidating other individuals or their safety or content showing or promoting bullying.
  • We don’t tolerate sexually or otherwise harassing or stalking individuals in our services.
  • You can’t disclose other users' personal information or otherwise compromise their privacy without their consent.

Inappropriate or sexual content

  • We don’t allow sexually explicit or pornographic content or promoting such content in our services including acts of a sexual nature, content featuring nudity or partial nudity or content focusing on a sexualized area of the body.
  • We don’t allow pornography or adult entertainment businesses to participate in the platform.

2.   Be authentic and present yourself truthfully

All Haloed members must be authentic persons and use their real names and data to present themselves in the service. This helps to make our environment safe for everyone to communicate and connect with each other.

We don’t allow the following behaviour or content to be uploaded to the Haloed service:

Impersonating or inauthentic content or profile

  • Haloed doesn’t permit profiles impersonating or imitating another person or company or which are copying any information or content from another person to mislead or cause confusion about the owner of the profile.
  • We don’t either allow creating fake accounts using a false identity or information, or accounts created on behalf of someone other than yourself or for a minor.
  • You may not create and possess more than one Haloed Account, which must be in your real name.
  • We don’t allow creating another account if you have been removed or banned from using the service.
  • We don’t allow content that is made to look like someone else has posted it or which contains false information.

3.   Promote meaningful interactions and post only trustworthy content

Haloed is meant for connecting with other professionals, building your professional network and advancing each other’s careers. When posting content or engaging in communication in Haloed, we kindly ask you to be respectful to others.

We don’t allow the following behaviour or content to be uploaded to the Haloed service:


  • We don’t allow spam in our services including, for example, sharing, posting or sending large numbers of repetitive, untargeted, misleading or irrelevant videos or messages.
  • We don’t allow using misleading information e.g. in the video titles or keywords to mislead or trick others to believe that the content is something else than it is.
  • We prohibit any scams or attempts of scams, for example, posting videos or other content offering gifts or money, attempting to collect other users' personal information for spamming or scamming purposes, or attempting to lead others to unsafe websites.
  • We don’t allow sharing or promoting any fake news or information.

4.   Respect others’ privacy and copyrights

We take our members’ privacy very seriously and you should do so as well. You can post your own personal information and content you own or have created by yourself to promote your career in the Haloed service. However, you can only disclose someone else’s information or use someone else’s content in your videos if you have their consent. You can grant permission to others to use your copyrighted works or prevent them from using your copyrighted works. Note that any member can freely share or re-share other members’ public videos using the share functions of the app.

We don’t allow the following behaviour or content to be uploaded to the Haloed service:

Privacy infringement

  • You’re not allowed to collect other persons’ personal information or any content in our services for other than personal use. Collecting others’ personal information for sale or mass marketing is strictly prohibited.
  • We don’t allow sharing or revealing other persons’ personal information or any personally identifiable information in your posts or otherwise compromising their privacy without their consent.
  • We don’t allow content using other persons’ name or other personal information suggesting that they recommend or promote a service or product without their consent.

Copyright infringement

  • We don’t allow creating videos that include content to which someone else owns the copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights (e.g. music, snippets of proprietary software, designs, writings or videos made by others) and has not specifically granted you the permission to use.
  • You’re not allowed to present anything on your videos that you have copied from someone else or from the internet without the copyright owner’s permission.
  • You’re not allowed to copy or distribute others’ work or create new works based on others’ work without the copyright owner’s permission.

If someone has posted your personal information without your consent or infringed copyrights that you own, please contact the person directly via the Haloed chat and ask them to remove the content or report it to us via the Haloed app.

You can learn more about copyrights at the website of The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).