How can I create a video on Haloed?

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  1. From the main screen, tap the Video Recording Haloed professional networking yellow video recording icon button on the top left corner or swipe right on the screen to go to the video recording screen. To go back to the Haloed feed screen, tap the home button at the top right hand corner of the video recording screen or swipe left on the screen. If this is your very first video, tapping the home button will direct you back to the onboarding screen.
  2. Tap the Record Haloed professional networking record app icon button on the bottom of the screen to begin recording. Tap the same button again to stop. 
  3. On the top of the screen, we have also provided a scrolling teleprompter, where you can type or copy a script that you can easily read off the screen for your video.
  4. The front camera on your phone is used by default, but you can switch to the rear camera by tapping on the Switch Camera Haloed professional networking switch camera app icon button next to the Record button.
  5. You may also access the Video Recording function via your Profile page.