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How do I get my video promoted on the Chats screen?

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If you want to boost the visibility of your video, you have the option to promote your video in the Chats screen.

  1. From the main Haloed feed screen, tap Profile Haloed professional networking member account icon.
  2. Under your profile’s Videos section, tap Options Haloed professional networking more options icon of the desired video or tap the video and then tap Options Haloed professional networking more options icon.
  3. Select Promote video.
  4. Select the option based on your desired duration.
  5. Tap Buy for $X.yy (this is dependent on the duration that you chose in step 4).
  6. Tap Purchase.
  7. Key in the password of your Apple ID to proceed.
  8. Upon keying in your password, you will see the notification ‘done’ on the screen.

After payment, the video will start appearing to relevant users in their Chats screen. The ‘promoted’ tag, together with the number of days remaining will also be shown on the video under the Videos section in your profile during the promotion. This tag is not shown to other members.

Do note that you can only promote videos that are currently public and not expired. You are able to purchase promotions for your other videos and run them at the same time. After the expiration of a promotion, you are able to purchase a new promotion also for the same video.

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