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How do I post a job on my company page?

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  1. From Haloed Feed, tap Profile Haloed professional networking member account icon.
  2. Tap Settings Haloed professional networking settings icon.
  3. Tap View company page.
  4. Under the Jobs tab of the company page, tap Post a job.
  5. Select either Post a video job or Post a written job.

To post a video job:

  1. For video job: Record a video of up to 1 minute long to describe the job position.
  2. Fill in the required job details such as Job title, Job type, Job function, Location, and select whether job is Open to remote work.
  3. Select either Jobs or Gigs channel.
  4. Select Required work experience.
  5. Select Minimum level of education.
  6. Add up to 10 Required skills for the job.
  7. Add up to 10 optional Preferred skills for the job.
  8. Add up to 10 optional Keywords for the job.
  9. Add optional Link to the job website if you have posted your job elsewhere.
  10. Edit the Expiration time (minimum 1 day and maximum 30 days).
  11. Add up to 5 optional Video interview questions for which all candidates are required to record up to 1 min long video response.
  12. Tap Post.

To post a written job:

  1. Fill in the required job details described above in video job, but instead of recording a video, fill in a Job description to the job.
  2. After filling in all the relevant details, tap Post.

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