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How do I take a video interview on Haloed?

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If you’re a candidate applying for a job and you have received a link to take a video interview from your hiring company, follow the steps below to get started.

If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, we strongly suggest you take the interview via the Haloed app for iOS as instructed below. In Haloed app, you can utilize the Haloed teleprompter feature during your interview and add additional information about yourself in your candidate profile. Note that currently you can’t take the interview with any browser on iPhone or iPad devices.

Take the interview with your iPhone/iPad via Haloed mobile app:

  1. Click the interview link on your iPhone/iPad to download Haloed app from App Store OR if you already have the Haloed app by clicking the interview link will open the app.
  2. Sign up and follow the steps in the app to record your introduction video in Haloed.
  3. After that you should be automatically taken to the job post that you are interviewing for.
  4. If you’re not directly taken to the job description screen, click the interview link again to get to the job post.
  5. Click Apply button to start the interview.
  6. Add the required details, record a video answer to the interview questions one by one and submit your application.
  7. Don’t close the app before you see a message that your application has been submitted successfully. This make take a few minutes.

Take the interview with your Android device or laptop via Haloed web platform:

  1. Open the link with your mobile device (other than iPhone) or laptop.
  2. An interview website opens within a browser. Use Chrome browser, on any laptop or Android device to take the interview. NOTE: You can’t take the interview with any browser on iPhone or iPad devices.
  3. Follow the steps on the website to register and take the interview.
  4. Remember to allow camera and microphone access when prompted.
  5. Record and submit a video answer to the interview questions one by one. This make take a few minutes. Please wait and don’t refresh your browser screen until your video has been submitted successfully.
  6. After recording and submitting your last video answer, your whole application is submitted.
  7. You will see a message that your interview has been submitted successfully.

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  3. If you have more questions about your video interview, feel free to email us at

Good luck with your video interview!

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