What information can other Haloed members see on my profile?

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Your profile is fully visible to all Haloed members in the app. However, you can control some of the information that you want to be displayed in your profile. 

Your personal and contact details, skills and info are all public, but you can choose what information you want to be made available.

Personal details:

This section contains optional information about the industry you are in, your date of birth, and gender. These are never visible to anyone but you. We use this information to better match and recommend video content to you, and it is never shared with any other member.


Videos you have published on the Haloed feed will be visible to all members on your profile and elsewhere in the app. Conversely, videos you have saved as private video are visible only to you and recipients you have sent the video privately.

In your profile, you can control whether to show or hide certain videos from other Haloed members.