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What information can other Haloed members see on my profile?

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Your profile is fully visible to all Haloed members in the app. However, you can control the information that you want to be displayed in your profile.

Your videos, personal and contact details, skills, work experience and education that you make available in your profile are public with some exceptions below.

Personal details:
This section contains optional information about your date of birth, gender and career interests. These are never visible to anyone but you and never shared with any other member. We use this information to better match and recommend video and job content to you.

Videos you have published on the Haloed feed that show in your Bio and Posted videos sections are visible to all members on your profile and elsewhere in the app. However, your Library with its videos is not visible to anyone else but you.

We highly encourage you to have your profile filled in as recruiters may view your profile when you have applied for a job.

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