What is a Video Channel?

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Every video created in the Haloed app goes into one of the six video channels. Video channels are how we categorise the videos in the app. Before you publish a video, you are required to select a channel for your video. This ensures that your video will be easily found by Haloed members and reach your relevant audiences. You can browse the various channels for similar videos from your main screen.

Each Haloed video is categorised into one of the following channels:

Bios: Create videos to introduce yourself, and talk about your professional status, skills and experience. You can create multiple videos in this channel to showcase your areas of expertise, or to highlight specific skills.

Jobs: Post job openings, or prepare video responses to them, offer your professional services and expertise, or post outsourcing opportunities to the community.

Events: Promote upcoming events, or post videos from events you are participating in.

Collaboration: Find potential business partners, investors, mentors, or other businesses collaborations with videos that highlight your needs and requirements.

Social: Post casual videos here. Use this channel to meet like-minded people, post your thoughts on a trending topic, or just to say hello.

Knowledge: Create videos to share tips and tricks, or knowledge about subjects related to your field or expertise.