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What is a Video Channel?

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Videos you create in the Haloed app go into one of the video channels. Video channels are how we categorise the videos in the app. Before you publish a video, you are required to select a channel for your video. This ensures that your video will be easily found by Haloed members and reach your relevant audiences. You can browse the various channels for similar videos from your Haloed feed.

Each Haloed video is categorised into one of the following channels:

Events: Promote upcoming events, or post videos from events you are participating in.

Collabs: Find potential business partners, investors, mentors, or other businesses collaborations with videos that highlight your needs and requirements.

Rants: More personal and casual thoughts. Use this channel to post your thoughts on a trending topic, or when you really want to tell everybody what is annoying you in the business life, your job or in the world in general. Remember still to be professional.

Knowledge: Create videos to share tips and tricks, or knowledge about subjects related to your field or expertise.

Besides these four channels, there are also a few other channels that you will see in the Haloed Feed screen:

For you: This is where all your recommended videos combined from the other channels (e.g. Events, Knowledge, etc.) appear. Your video recommendations are frequently updated depending on your in-app activity.

People: This is the channel where your bio videos will appear and are visible to other Haloed members. You can record more bio videos in the Bio tab of your Videos section in your Profile.

Jobs: Includes full-time and permanent job positions that are recommended for you based on your profile data. This channel is only available for posting by recruiters.

Gigs: Similar to the Jobs channel but meant for short-term jobs. Gigs are recommended to you based on your profile data. This channel is only available for posting by recruiters.

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