How can I add and edit my Skills details?

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To add or edit your Skills details: 

  1. Tap Profile Haloed professional networking member account icon .
  2. Under your personal details section, tap on the Skills tab.
  3. Tap Add skills to add skills and choose from the list of skills provided.
  4. Tap on your desired skill to add it to your skills. A tick will show up beside the added skill.
  5. To deselect the skill, tap on it again and the tick should disappear.
  6. To edit your skills, select the number of stars that you want by simply tapping on the star. The number of stars given to your chosen skill is automatically selected as 3.
  7. To remove a skill, hold down your finger on the skill and swipe to the left. Tap the delete  button that appears or swipe all the way to the left to remove it instantly. 

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