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How can I create a company account and company page?

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  1. Open the Haloed app and log in to your personal Haloed account.
  2. From Haloed Feed main screen, tap Profile Haloed professional networking member account icon.
  3. Tap Settings Haloed professional networking settings icon.
  4. Tap Account & privacy.
  5. Tap Company account.
  6. Key in your business email address and mobile number.
  7. You will be prompted to verify your company account via a verification code that will be sent to your business email address.
  8. Once you have verified your company account, tap the company name field.
  9. Type the name of your company in the search field and tap the company item appearing below the search field to create a new company in Haloed or select an existing company from the list to request access to the company page.
  10. When your company’s name shows in the company name field, tap Create new page.
  11. Tap Upload logo and select your company logo from your phone’s photo library.
  12. Fill in all the required details such as Tagline, Industry, Street address of primary location, Website URL, Email, Phone and Description.
  13. Tap tick box to verify that you agree to the Haloed Business Terms.
  14. Tap Done.

You can access the new company page from your personal settings by tapping View company page.

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