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How can I set my video to expire?

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When you publish a video in Haloed channels, it will expire in 60 days by default. You can set a different expirations time, when you have finished recording a video on the Haloed app.

  1. Tap the date or time field under Set expiration time.
  2. Set a suitable expiration time for your video. The shortest time you can set expiration is for next day, and the longest period is 60 days.

You can still edit the expiration time after publishing the video.

When your video expires, it will be deleted and will no longer be visible or searchable by other members in the Haloed feed, in your profile, in private chats or anywhere else on the app. Also, you will no longer be able to share or send it via private message.

You will still be able to access all your expired videos in the Library section in your Videos tab in your Profile.

You cannot set expiration time for you Bio videos.

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