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What are the different video sections in my profile? (Bio, Posted, Library)

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There are three different video sections in your Haloed profile: Bio, Posted and Library.

This section contains all of your Bio videos, which never expire. Your Bio videos appear in People channel of other members in Haloed feed if you have selected to share them publicly.

This section contains videos that you have posted in Haloed in the following channels.

  • Events
  • Collabs
  • Rants
  • Knowledge

Posted videos expire after the selected time period (up to 30 days). After expiring, the videos are deleted and those are not available anymore in Posted section or in Haloed service.

Library includes a local version of all your recorded videos that are available only locally on your mobile device, which you have used for recording those, and are visible only to you. Those include expired videos and videos that you have deleted from the Bio and Posted sections.

Learn more: How do I delete a video permanently?

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