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How do I publish my video on the Haloed feed?

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When you have finished recording a video on the Haloed app:

  1. Choose from any of our filters located at the top of the screen to edit your video if desired (optional).
  2. Tap Next to get to the next screen.
  3. Enter an appropriate title for your video. Keep your titles short, but descriptive.
  4. Select a video channel for your video to be placed into.
  5. Add up to 5 keywords that best describe the content of your video (optional).
  6. Add a location (optional).
  7. Add a website link (optional).
  8. Set an expiration time for your video (optional).
  9. Tap Publish to put your video in the feed. When you publish a video in the feed, it is visible to all members.
  10. If you’re posting a Bio video, keep Post & share publicly option selected that your bio videos will show up in the People channel in Haloed feed. By default, this is switched on.

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